glass case write up

1st Work
Desertion. October 2009. Pencil and Charcoal on paper. 42’’ x 36’’.
2nd Work
Reflection. November 2007. RC Photograph on Matte board. 8 ½ ’’ x 11’’.

My exhibition entitled “Nature” is a reflection of how I want to further my work in the future. I am emotionally and spiritually drawn to nature, trees specifically and I find myself continually creating images with different types of trees in various different mediums. This exhibition is a representation of my adoration towards the subject matter. I plan on continuing my exploration of nature and portraying my outlook of the content.
I chose to use such simple mediums such as pencil and charcoal because I find it to be the most pure and connected with the content. Pencil in my opinion is a very organic medium which allows me to render different aspects of the trees in a realistic way. Photography is another form of representation that captures the real essence of the trees in a way that drawing cannot. Each medium I chose I enjoy using and help me produce imagery I see in my head.

Andrew Wyeth

Meindert Hobbema

Alexander Cozens

Jacob van Ruisdael

Artist Statement

My name is Danielle Inducci and I am a traditional Fine Artist. By traditional I mean my strongest medium is drawing with pencil or charcoal. I started taking private art lessons at age 8 up until my freshman year of college. I mainly worked with pencil, charcoal and pastels. My lessons which were once a week, helped me create works of art that were strictly for my enjoyment only. I had the chance to break away from the regimented art projects in school and enjoy my own work on a different level. I like to create works of art that reflect my views of nature and how we interact with God’s creations. I have recently enjoyed film photography and some aspects of sculpture. I plan on using all three techniques in my thesis project. I hope to create a clear representation of the artificial versus natural aspect of the world.